About us

At Creative Minds kenya, we craft products for ambitious businesses, start-ups, and brands that aspire to have a digital presence with cultural meaning and relevance. Our mission is to apply innovative design and technology to improve how people use and consume information. We believe that design matters, that a focus on thoughtful interactions can inspire, delight, and influence audiences in significant ways.

We nurture a culture of curiosity to keep asking—and answering—questions to prevent being stuck in convention. It’s about building not just what’s new but what’s right for our clients. We know that thoughtfulness doesn’t come easy, but it is worthwhile.

What we do

Web Designing

Quality web design services that follow latest web design trends and industry standards.


E-commerce Web Design specifically services the serious business user. We take you and your business, or future business, very seriously.

Web Development

We are professional web development company providing custom web application development services.

Creative Design

collaterals such as business cards, stationery, postcards, flyers, greeting-cards, posters, corporate logos, magazines and free standing banners.